Waxing (Cream organic wax used)


Full leg wax

without bikini wax£26.00
including standard bikini or under arm wax£31.00
including standard bikini and under arm wax£37.00
including extended bikini wax£40.00

Half leg wax

without bikini wax£16.00
including bikini or under arm wax or back of leg£22.00
including extended bikini wax£30.00
including bikini & under arm or back of leg wax£35.00

Other Wax

Standard bikini or under arm or back of leg wax£10.50
Standard bikini and underarm or back of leg wax£20.00
Standard bikini and underarm and back of leg wax£27.50
Extended bikini wax£16.00
Extended bikini wax and underarm or back of leg wax£25.00
Forearm wax£16.00
Whole arm wax£18.00

Facial wax (upper lip or chin or side of face)

One area£8.50
Two areas£14.00
Three areas£18.00
Four areas£21.50
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